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When Was the Last Time You Sweat?
How entrepreneurs get ahead

There are over 7 billion people in this world. Yet, we all believe in our own specialness or uniqueness…

It’s good we think that way – we should believe we have something incredible to give this world. However, is it true – are we unique?

The odds say no…

But it’s not for a lack of ability; rather a lack of effort.

We all want to achieve great things as entrepreneurs and impact this world positively. We want financial freedom for our family. We hope to leave a legacy behind with our businesses. And we want to be remembered for the quality of our work and strength of our character…

But how many entrepreneurs actually get to that elite level?

Probably less than 1% of 1% of the global population (for those counting that’s 700,000 people)… and it all comes down to consistently giving that extra effort.



When was the last time you worked to exhaustion, or put in that extra effort you knew most other entrepreneurs just wouldn’t have? I’m talking about working to a point where it was uncomfortable, and when there were consequences – be it a missed family dinner, a night’s sleep or day’s worth of proper meals…

Look at Elon Musk: The guy’s a billionaire, yet he often sleeps in the Tesla factory… he’s elite.

Musk once said on a conference call with Tesla shareholders, “My desk is at the end of the production line. I have a sleeping bag in a conference room adjacent to the production line, which I use quite frequently.”

That’s real fuckin hustle… and he’s always been that way – from his first business to his latest multi-billion dollar car company, Musk has been a passionate workaholic who often sleeps in his office. Habit of a winner.

So many entrepreneurs talk about their ‘hustle,’ but, somehow, without fail, they’re always able to make happy hour every Tuesday at their favourite bar.

To be a great entrepreneur requires great sacrifice. And it also requires a lot of gut checks and stamina. Judging effort based on money earned is dangerous, too. Many people will justify their mediocre effort by saying they just work more efficiently – convincing themselves of this by looking at the growth of their bank accounts.

How many times have you heard an entrepreneur say “I have someone who does that for me’? They probably do, but that ‘someone’ isn’t around after 5pm, when the so-called ‘hustle’ often begins. That someone is a 9 to 5er…

Entrepreneurs need to be an ‘as early as possible to as late as possible-er’. When the muse strikes, entrepreneurs must act. My greatest brainstorming moments are often after everyone in the family has gone to bed and the house is quiet.


Harmless Distractions Kill Your Goals

We live in a very cushy, luxurious society here in the West. Life, even for lower-income folks, is relatively fruitful compared to a lower-income person in, say, Pakistan. This can really quell our hustle if we let it. And you better believe that a less fortunate person in Jakarta is motivated as fuck to rise up. With globalization changing the business world dramatically, he’ll be your future competition, too. And he’s hungrier than you…

There are many distractions out there that can take us away from our opportunity at entrepreneurial greatness, and they often appear harmless at the time. But developing a habit of putting off work for that softball game, beer night, or favourite T.V. show has consequences – namely being mediocre.

When was the last time you put in an effort for your business that you can say, without a doubt, very few people would have worked that hard?

Remember, 1% of 1% of the world’s population, the so-called elite, is still 700,000 people. Those 700,000 people are who you are trying to beat. That’s a big crowd. It’s going to take something special, and it starts with sacrifice and effort.

Stay hungry,



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