The One Rule Great People Live By

My jaw dropped when I walked into the gym last week. Heading up the stairs into the weight area, I saw a man, probably in his late-thirties with gym clothes on, holding his phone up as if it were a binocular or something. He was completely oblivious to the world around him, nearly walking into a woman on the stairs who literally came to a complete stop as he almost hit her head on. I closed in on the ‘man’ and saw he was playing Pokemon Go on his phone. “What the fuck is going on in this world,” I thought…

Your daily routine may be sucking dry every last ounce of potential you have…

Unfortunately, we are creatures of habit, and our environment. The majority of us find comfort in predictability, and we like to think that we are good at whatever it is we do during our predictable schedules. This makes us content.  We get caught up in our little social circles, remedial tasks at work, ball games, sitcoms (Pokemon Go) and we forget that life is meant to be an adventure… a pursuit of constant improvement… and it is should be unpredictable. We don’t grow without being in uncomfortable situations. Comfort is your enemy.


The Declining Societal Benchmark

Sadly, for most people, the benchmark of accomplishment lessens as the years pass by. Life kills their ambition. Past failures set the tone for decades (click here to read my blog ‘The Prison of Precedence‘). The circle of friends they hang out with becomes their standard of success, which, in most instances, isn’t too great. It’s depressing, but true for the majority.

There is a simple way to avoid this gradual de-escalation of greatness. There’s a clear philosophy to live by. The key is, you just need to be a bit better than you were yesterday, everyday. It’s that simple. This is the trajectory you need to be on. If you live this creed, eventually you will become a master of whatever you’re pursuing. You’ll become an amazing parent, friend, and mentor. Others will look to you for guidance, your career will take off, and your kids and friends will rise with you.

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Imagine how great it would feel if people credited you as their source of motivation… how would it feel if your kids said they wanted to be like you when they grew up? Imagine friends describing you as the hardest worker they know –thought of as fearless and bold. That’s real wealth. In order to get there, you must resist complacency, never let yourself get too comfortable, and always wake up with the sole goal of being better than you were yesterday.

Stay hungry,

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