Obama’s South American Tour – An Optical Nightmare

Barack Obama’s South American tour, which started in Cuba, has been an optics nightmare for his administration. Criticized from the onset by his opposition for removing the trade embargo with Cuba, a communist nation, the trip started out without much fanfare, not even a welcoming from Cuban government officials at the airport when Air Force One arrived (standard procedure). But after the tragic terrorist attacks in Brussels, which in my humble opinion should have cut Obama’s trip short and sent him back to Washington, the President was spotted at a ball game doing the wave with Raul Castro… this sent his critics into a fit of anger; and then two days later, after Obama was filmed doing the tango at a state dinner in Argentina, Republican-rage boiled over… this even drew criticism from Democrats.

Now, I don’t think Obama was wrong for supporting a more open relationship with Cuba. In fact, I think it wise to open up trade with that nation. What better way to show the Cuban people how great the US and its people are than by enabling innovative American companies to start selling their goods there? 90 miles off the shores of the US it only makes sense.

That said, the joint press conference between Raul Castro, the commie, and Obama, was just strange. Castro played dumb regarding Cuban political prisoners and didn’t really answer the hard questions. Obama looked on…

At the end of the press event, very bizarrely, it appears Obama attempts to go in for a man hug only to have Castro avoid and raise the President’s arm in the air. At that moment Obama’s arm goes completely limp-wristed. Just an awkward moment that certainly didn’t leave the impression Obama is the leader of the free world, nor the leader of the two on stage. It was strange.

Situational awareness… we’ve talked about this before. Obama may need a lesson.




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