Dr. Ben Carson to Run For President in 2016?

While everyone in the political media was focused on Netanyahu’s defiant speech to US congress members today, which had more bipartisan applause than Obama’s SOTU address, a new possible Republican presidential contender in 2016 entered the ring…

By far, my number 1 of all potential contenders in the 2016 presidential race is Dr. Ben Carson. And I predicted well over a year ago that he would run for the Oval Office. Today, on the O’Reilly Factor, Carson announced that he is one step closer to doing just that.

Dr. Carson is the best hope America has in turning Washington around, and he officially announced the launching of his exploratory committee for a presidential run in 2016. This means that Ben Carson has put together a team of staffers (about a dozen), based out of Alexandria ,Virginia, to see whether running for President in 2016 is a viable play.

On O’Reilly tonight, Carson stated that he is establishing his political infrastructure, and cited his tremendous popular support, consisting of thousands of small donors already.

You got to love Carson’s confidence, loyalty to the American Constitution, and his undying belief that politicians work for the people. He stated tonight “…the people are at the Pinnacle. And the government should respond to the people, not the other way around…”

O’Reilly asked Carson, “You have to raise about a billion dollars…you know that right? Are you in the process of raising that kind of money now?”

Carson’s response: “Meh, a billion here a billion there…”

He continued, “The money will be there if in fact the people want me to do this. If the people don’t want me then it won’t be.”

Playing the devil’s advocate, O’Reilly pressed Carson by stating, “If you were to run, and when, you would be one of the rare people in American history to come out of a profession, medicine, with no political experience, and then vault into the Oval Office. Do you really think it’s possible to do?”

Carson’s response was awesome and captured his belief in himself:

“I think it is eminently possible…”

O’Reilly shot back, “You know you’re going to be personally attacked, right?”

Carson: “I would be disappointed if they didn’t attack me…”

O’Reilly: “Really!?”

Carson: “Ya. That would mean I wasn’t getting close to their nest. I’m not worried about it.”

This is the confidence, and the willingness to get in the ring and fight, that is needed when trying to achieve an audacious goal. You can tell just by how he’s speaking that Dr. Ben Carson is a fighter, and would be more than willing to go head to head against Bush and/or Clinton in 2016.

We can learn a lot from this man.

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