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Authenticity Trumps Accommodation
Donald Trump campaigning

We’ve hit what I call ‘Peak Political Correctness’… people want real. They’re sick of smooth talkers who never dare cross a social line and always respond with some rehearsed, safe answer.

Case in point: Donald Trump ahead by a landslide in every major political poll.

Like him or not, he’s authentic – a rare quality in this day and age…

While I’m not sure where I stand on Trump politically, I love that he isn’t afraid to ruffle feathers. He’s keeping it real, the hell with trying to appeal to everyone.

Although a Republican, Trump doesn’t hesitate to take more centrist stances on certain issues. He admitted to wanting a universal health care program, and some Conservatives despise him for that. He wants to build a wall along the Mexican border and aggressively crack down on illegal immigration, making him the target of many Democrats. Regardless, he’s dominating in the polls because people see that he is authentic, and that’s a characteristic of every great leader and entrepreneur in the history of the world.

Trump isn’t scripted like virtually every candidate he is running against (the exception being Ben Carson and Rand Paul); and he’s willing to go toe to toe against political heavyweights Bush and Clinton. He doesn’t dance around the tough questions out of fear of offending a certain segment of voters – and he’s adored for that.

[Tweet “being authentic can close some doors, but it will open valleys of opportunity for you…”]
Initially, it was assumed Trump’s authentic remarks about illegal immigrants, which were completely misconstrued by the media, would hurt his future business opportunities after Macy’s and NBC dropped him. Every major news outlet was talking about how much those remarks would cost him financially. Some estimating $50 to $100 million annually. Yet no one talked about how much he gained from his comments on illegal immigrants. For starters, because of his authentic remarks, a record 24 million viewers tuned into the first Republican debate – more than doubling the previous primary debate record. More importantly, he now has a legitimate shot at being the most powerful man in the world… Trump has a better chance than anyone else right now at becoming the next President of the United States because of his authentic comments on immigration, among other honest remarks.

That’s what being authentic can do for you… sure, it can close doors, but it will open valleys of opportunity.

Provided you’re not an ignoramus, people will respect you for being honest and forthright about your beliefs, whether they agree or not. Be you and you’ll garner the opportunities you deserve.

Stay hungry,

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