Trudeau Nearly Causes Brawl in Canadian House of Commons

Today in the Canadian House of Commons we saw as close to a bench clearing brawl as you’re going to get from a bunch of bureaucrats. In what was supposed to be a spirited debate day, it turned out to be an embarrassment for PM Justin Trudeau

After apparently having enough of the lollygagging in the House by a group of NDP and Conservative MPs, Trudeau awkwardly, and briskly, walked over to the crowd of gossipers and grabbed Opposition whip Gord Brown by the arm as if he was scolding his son. What’s more, while grabbing Brown, Trudeau (albeit accidentally) bumped into a female MP’s chest, almost knocking her off balance. Where I come from that would have broken out into a full-on brawl, but these are politicians after all… instead, they waited until the cameras were rolling to get back at each other with exaggerated emotions and dramatic recounts of the incident.

Not a good day for Trudeau nevertheless.


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