Why The Government Might Regulate and Tax Tall People

In the era of excessive government regulation, I’ve decided to convert, and jump on the bandwagon. I propose we should come up with regulations deterring significant resource consuming people from living the way they have been for thousands of years – particularly for those who …

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The NFL Is On The Verge of Being Regulated To Death

After the subprime meltdown in 2008, congress enacted boatloads of new regulation. Some of the new regulations were most certainly needed; however, many of them were knee-jerk reactions created by bureaucrats who had no background in the industry they were imposing new rules on. Many …

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When it Comes to Being Entrepreneur-Friendly, Canada Whoops the US

As an entrepreneur, what you ideally want from your government is the ability to conduct business as freely as possible, without burdensome regulations that put up roadblocks, and in turn create a ceiling which your business cannot get past. The whole point of why people …

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