Hey, Millennials – This is What Your Socialist Dream Looks Like

My neighbour is a petroleum engineer from Venezuela. He works for one of the major oil producers here in town – great guy with a kind family. Recently, we were chatting and I couldn’t resist bringing up his homeland, which is now a socialist shit …

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Cadillac: Ugly Americanism or a Great Marketing Strategy?

With international competition at the forefront of everyone’s thoughts, as nations compete against one another for athletic supremacy at the Olympics, the timing of Cadillac’s new ad is perfect. However, many do not agree with me. Some find the ad rude and offensive. Essentially, what …

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When it Comes to Being Entrepreneur-Friendly, Canada Whoops the US

As an entrepreneur, what you ideally want from your government is the ability to conduct business as freely as possible, without burdensome regulations that put up roadblocks, and in turn create a ceiling which your business cannot get past. The whole point of why people …

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