The Entrepreneur’s Life Code

I work and live for the moments like the picture above – watching my boys laugh and play together. There is a code among industrious risk takers. It’s one that almost every successful entrepreneur lives by. Within that unspoken code are five rules every great …

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Some People Just Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Vote

I’ve had one too many conversations with adults about politics lately. So many people stand firmly behind a leader of a political party yet can’t even explain what that party’s platform is about. It pisses me off. We’ve become a nation of lazy voters influenced …

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The NFL Is On The Verge of Being Regulated To Death

After the subprime meltdown in 2008, congress enacted boatloads of new regulation. Some of the new regulations were most certainly needed; however, many of them were knee-jerk reactions created by bureaucrats who had no background in the industry they were imposing new rules on. Many …

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