political correctness

1 Day After Paris & Now the World Agrees with Trump

Say what you will about Donald Trump, but the guy has guts. Although he wouldn’t be my first choice for President, he’s brought some key issues into the debate that would have otherwise been ignored given how ‘politically incorrect’ many deem them to be.  Additionally, …

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Political Correctness Police Want a World Without Jokes

To my horror and shock, I’ve found myself agreeing with the proud atheist and boisterous left-wing media personality Bill Maher on several occasions in recent months. The latest incident came last week when he appropriately went off on how political correctness in America has gone …

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Why The Government Might Regulate and Tax Tall People

In the era of excessive government regulation, I’ve decided to convert, and jump on the bandwagon. I propose we should come up with regulations deterring significant resource consuming people from living the way they have been for thousands of years – particularly for those who …

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