Stephen Harper

Shocking Early Results in CBC Tax Poll

With Trudeau ahead in the latest Canadian election polls, Stephen Harper has spent the week campaigning against the Liberal leader’s proposed tax plan, saying it will take significant money from some Canadian families. While taxes have always been one of the main issues in Canadian …

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Engage Canada’s Horrible Attempt at Dethroning Harper

If I told you that the government was going to ‘leave you on your own,’ would that be welcomed news? When I saw the latest attack ad against Stephen Harper’s Conservatives by a group known as Engage Canada, I was bewildered. Their messaging, at least …

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When it Comes to Being Entrepreneur-Friendly, Canada Whoops the US

As an entrepreneur, what you ideally want from your government is the ability to conduct business as freely as possible, without burdensome regulations that put up roadblocks, and in turn create a ceiling which your business cannot get past. The whole point of why people …

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