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This is How Startup Entrepreneurs Take Over Industries

As an early-stage/seed investor in dozens of startups, I’ve seen, and reaped the rewards, of betting on some incredible entrepreneurs with bold visions for their technologies and companies. There are a few commonalities among the hugely successful investments in startups I’ve made over the years. …

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The 4 Types of Entrepreneurs

There are four types of entrepreneurs; and, if you intend to start your own business, it’s important to distinguish which type you are as it can help determine your strengths, ideal industry to enter, and where you may need a wingman. The term ‘entrepreneur’ is …

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The NFL Is On The Verge of Being Regulated To Death

After the subprime meltdown in 2008, congress enacted boatloads of new regulation. Some of the new regulations were most certainly needed; however, many of them were knee-jerk reactions created by bureaucrats who had no background in the industry they were imposing new rules on. Many …

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