The $30,000 Domain Name

This is a story about the value of patience and following through on your ideas… A childhood friend, who I still hang and work with on various projects, is a very successful internet marketer. Like me, he’s been an entrepreneur since adolescence. Birds of a …

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Find the Perfect Tenant for Your Rental Property

No matter how great of an investment property you may own, it doesn’t mean squat if your tenant screening process is weak. A bad tenant can, and likely will, negatively impact your cash flow on your rental. When selecting and building a relationship with my …

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11 Tips to Increase Your Rental Property Income

I love being a landlord (although the word ‘landlord’ is a bit medieval and I’m not a huge fan of the term). I get a real buzz when I find a property that has been mistreated or in need of some TLC, purchase it for …

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