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If You Have An Innovative Idea Move As Quickly as General Patton Would

Few figures in American history have inspired both the dedicated reverence and widespread public controversy generated by General George Patton over the course of his illustrious and colorful military career. Daring and Disciplined Known for an unwavering dedication to discipline, both in himself and the …

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The Vlogbrothers Have Turned Passion Into Profits and Popularity

When brothers Hank and John Green started their YouTube channel in 2007, then called Brotherhood 2.0, they had no idea what it would grow into. Initially, the channel was an experiment to see if two brothers could communicate with each other for a year solely …

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ecoATM Making Money From Old Cell Phones While Helping the Environment and Consumer – Genius Business Model

A Built-In Market About 700 million smartphones were shipped in 2012, nearly 2 billion mobile phones in total. The average cell phone in the US is used for 13 months before it is discarded for a new, better and faster one. Tablets are commonly being …

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