Authenticity Trumps Accommodation

We’ve hit what I call ‘Peak Political Correctness’… people want real. They’re sick of smooth talkers who never dare cross a social line and always respond with some rehearsed, safe answer. Case in point: Donald Trump ahead by a landslide in every major political poll. …

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What I Learned From A Former Drug Kingpin

I was recently at a meeting with a group of investors who are all solid people. They are each very successful in their own right and have made vast sums of money investing in early stage companies over the years. We all got together to …

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Airbnb Mastering the Service Networking Economy But Can it Play in the Big Leagues?

The Service Networking Economy One of the most promising emerging markets in the web economy is the service networking market, which consists of sites that essentially trade services (like doing errands, micro tasks, or sharing resources that previously required a third-party broker, such as cars …

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