instant gratification

Pulling Weeds

Much to the amusement of my friends, and resulting in me being the butt of many emasculating jokes, I love gardening and landscaping. It’s an outlet that gives my ADD personality the instant gratification it sometimes needs; and it gives me an excuse to enjoy …

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The 9 Ways Entrepreneurs Self-Sabotage Their Careers

As entrepreneurs we often have no one to answer to but ourselves. Our day-to-day activities are not monitored and if we decide to spend the afternoon on the golf course, it’s up to us. But just remember, distractions, such as checking your Facebook page, golfing …

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ecoATM Making Money From Old Cell Phones While Helping the Environment and Consumer – Genius Business Model

A Built-In Market About 700 million smartphones were shipped in 2012, nearly 2 billion mobile phones in total. The average cell phone in the US is used for 13 months before it is discarded for a new, better and faster one. Tablets are commonly being …

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