investment opportunities

Is That ‘Opportunity’ Too Good to Be True?

In my line of work, I’m routinely pitched new deals and investment opportunities. Along the way, I’ve heard a lot of good sales pitches and done very well financially after investing in some of them. That said, I’ve made (saved) almost as much money by …

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Why SPIE Photonics is Better for Investors than CES

Meeting the management of startups is THE way to gauge the worthiness of a possible investment, particularly with technology-related companies… Last week, along with my company which is working on a lens technology that has real game-changing potential in the imaging space, I headed to …

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What I Learned From A Former Drug Kingpin

I was recently at a meeting with a group of investors who are all solid people. They are each very successful in their own right and have made vast sums of money investing in early stage companies over the years. We all got together to …

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