Why SPIE Photonics is Better for Investors than CES

Meeting the management of startups is THE way to gauge the worthiness of a possible investment, particularly with technology-related companies… Last week, along with my company which is working on a lens technology that has real game-changing potential in the imaging space, I headed to …

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New Space Race Inspires Entrepreneurs Everywhere

Just watching, even from afar, innovative entrepreneurs take on daring challenges is incredibly inspiring. I find it makes me think bigger and more confidently, and gets my imagination going on how I could disrupt my industry through bold, innovative ideas… Watching Space X, Virgin Galactic …

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Betterment Bettering the Wealth Management Business with Big Data

Betterment is a web-based money management company that previously raised $13 million – $3 million in its Series A back in 2010, and $10 million in Series B in the last quarter of 2012. You can think of the company as a financial advisor, except …

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