I’m Wasteful And So Are You

My family and I recently moved out of our first house. Packing up our ‘stuff’ as we prepared to move was an enlightening experience. It’s amazing how many things we accumulated over the years. From unopened multi-purpose screwdrivers, packages of Crest Whitestrips, an excessive amount …

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How World Famous Director David Lynch Makes Big Things Happen

When I’m in Big Sur I like to visit the Henry Miller Memorial Library. It has a unique tranquil setting in a field across the road from a cliff that overlooks the Pacific, and an eclectic book collection. These books are very different from what …

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5 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Must Work on the Weekend

When most people think about the weekend, they visualize nightclubs, barbecues, fishing or ballgames. However, when you’re an entrepreneur, weekends look a lot different… Every Saturday morning, before my son wakes up, I go downstairs into my home office, turn on the flat screen mounted …

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