Jeff Bezos

Builders and Sellers

Successful entrepreneurs are world-class builders or sellers, and the elites are both — look no further for examples than Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos. Both can masterfully articulate their vision and persuade others to support it. Additionally, they are technically savvy and know how to …

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This is How Startup Entrepreneurs Take Over Industries

As an early-stage/seed investor in dozens of startups, I’ve seen, and reaped the rewards, of betting on some incredible entrepreneurs with bold visions for their technologies and companies. There are a few commonalities among the hugely successful investments in startups I’ve made over the years. …

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New Space Race Inspires Entrepreneurs Everywhere

Just watching, even from afar, innovative entrepreneurs take on daring challenges is incredibly inspiring. I find it makes me think bigger and more confidently, and gets my imagination going on how I could disrupt my industry through bold, innovative ideas… Watching Space X, Virgin Galactic …

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