You’ve Got Some Looming Childhood Issues

I strongly agree with many points Dr. Bruce Lipton makes in this interview. It also reminds me to be very, very attentive as a father of two young boys; and that one’s ambition, attitude, and motivations are determined early in life… the first seven years to be precise. Making changes later in life to your subconscious (rewiring your brain), which is programmed in the first seven years, takes a ton of effort and self-awareness. As an adult, that internal change — meaning the way your subconscious works and parts of your belief system — is needed. No one is perfectly wired. 

I think we all have one or two things (or more) in our subconscious that could be holding us back in certain aspects of life. 

In this video, Dr. Bruce Lipton explains what theta is, something that before I watched his interview, I couldn’t articulate. Essentially, theta is a lower vibrational frequency than your conscious from a brain activity perspective. It is a beautiful thing, and it runs your world from 0 to 7 years of age, Lipton explains. Theta is the catalyst for childhood imagination and sculpting the subconscious, which is perceived reality from age 0-7. Imagination and the real-world are one and the same for youngsters.


The First Seven Years are Foundational to Your Goals and Perceived Limitations

Jesuits, which is sort of a sect (perhaps not the best word to describe them) of Catholicism and are viewed by many in the Christian faith as thought leaders (Pope Francis is a Jesuit), believe that “give me a child until it is seven and I will show you the man…” Essentially, their belief is the same as Dr. Lipton’s: The first seven years are critical to who we become for the rest of our life. 



Theta, as I understand it, is a state of hypnosis. Before you can become ‘conscious,’ you need to go through theta (occurs during childhood from 0-7 years of age) via observing others, yourself, animals, society etc. It’s essentially a mega download of life through your own interpretation – perception is the reality, which is interesting because this perception stays with you for life; and yet it is formed when you have little to no context on most things ( 0 to 7 years of age).  

Dr. Bruce Lipton states that we are being programmed for our first seven years, and that 95% of the results in our life come from that programming of the subconscious. In the interview, he goes on to explain that wherever you are struggling in life, your subconscious has been programmed not to support what you are going after (ambition, etc.). Basically, you’re subconscious is saying ‘Hey, this isn’t what you were designed to do. This is unrealistic. This isn’t for you…’ 

The programming you underwent as a child may be causing internal grief and/or success today.

Dr Bruce Lipton explains that we can consciously learn from reading new books, going to lectures, courses, apprenticeships, etc., but we have to get into the subconscious mind to truly rewire our first seven years and the mindset that period etched in our brain. This is changing what I call our hard wiring.

To rewire yourself, you need repetition of a new thought/way of thinking and self-affirmation. This form of repetition will change the way your subconscious functions. There is no magic pill or solution to turn yourself into a business person, happy individual, entrepreneur, philanthropist, etc. overnight. If you’re not one today but want to be, it is going to take reps – just as it would if you are in the gym trying to resculpt your 300-pound fatty body into a triathlete.

Enjoy this interview and take time to reflect on it.

Stay hungry,





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