cash flow

Turning a Basement Into a Rental Unit

The latest real estate renovation for investment purposes we completed was a basement suite. More specifically, it was the basement suite for a half-duplex (built in the 1960s) in the inner city. The premise behind the reno was to turn a single unit investment property …

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Condominiums Are Horrible Investments For Landlords

It was a beautiful condominium. The layout was spacious and open, tons of natural light coming in, high-end finishings and appliances, the dining area overlooked the mountains, it was in a desirable neighborhood, and it even had a yoga studio in the complex. At first …

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Find the Perfect Tenant for Your Rental Property

No matter how great of an investment property you may own, it doesn’t mean squat if your tenant screening process is weak. A bad tenant can, and likely will, negatively impact your cash flow on your rental. When selecting and building a relationship with my …

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