Want Freedom and Privacy? Rand Paul

Freedom and privacy. They go hand in hand. If they’re important to you, and you’re an American, you may want to start paying close attention to Rand Paul – no matter if you line up on the right or left. [Tweet “If freedom is important …

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Here’s How The Republicans Will Take the Senate Back in 2014

This year’s midterm election represents two realities. The first is that Barack Obama, the candidate, will never appear on a ballot anywhere in this country again. The second, is that Barack Obama, the President, has raised the ire of so many to such fever pitch, …

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Why America Desperately Needs a Republican President

So Democrat Presidents fare better at managing the economy… really?   Liberal leaders and their minions constantly grandstand about how much better they are for the broad economy and that they are FOR the middle-class, blah, blah, blah. In truth, Democrat leaders have caused significant …

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