Obama Administration

Obama’s Weak Leadership Exposed by Leon Panetta

Former Democratic Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta, was grilled by Bill O’Reilly in a hard hitting interview last night. The interview was centered around Obama’s leadership ability and whether or not he has the gusto to step up and truly fight ISIS with the full …

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Obama or Bush: Who’s Tougher on Terrorists?

While the two most recent American Presidents are polar opposites in respect to character, economic policies and political beliefs, they aren’t as far apart as most think when it comes to warfare. George W. Bush believed in openly flexing America’s military muscle by taking the …

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13 Things I Learned After Reading No Easy Day

You read No Easy Day and start to ask yourself: man, compared to these guys, what the hell have I done with my life? Although controversial, it’s an inspirational book in the sense that it demonstrates what extreme discipline, preparation and passion can do for …

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