Four Lessons for Entrepreneurs from a Navy SEAL Team 6 Hero

I enjoy reading biographies about those who served with distinction and honor. Growing up with a mom who served in the Royal Canadian Air Force, I’ve always been drawn to military stories as it was impressed upon me at a young age the honor associated …

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American Sniper is A Good Movie But The Book is Amazing

American Sniper was a fantastic movie. Clint Eastwood, partnering up with Bradley Cooper, made an epic film about the war in Iraq and its impact on Navy SEAL Chris Kyle. It was gritty, dark at times, and contrary to what many outspoken liberals (like the …

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13 Things I Learned After Reading No Easy Day

You read No Easy Day and start to ask yourself: man, compared to these guys, what the hell have I done with my life? Although controversial, it’s an inspirational book in the sense that it demonstrates what extreme discipline, preparation and passion can do for …

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