US economy

US Gov Collects Record Tax in Fiscal 2015 – Still Insolvent

When a 200+ year old country has a record year for revenue yet still runs a several hundred billion dollar deficit, and desperately needs to borrow another trillion or two (on top of its already $18 trillion outstanding), you know it is on a path …

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Peter Schiff’s Dire Warning to My Colleague About US Dollar

The US economy is a house of cards, at least if you take Peter Schiff’s word for it. A student of the economy, Austrian Economics and the CEO of Euro Pacific Bank, Peter is a renowned money manager and investor with a long and successful track …

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How Barack Hussein Obama is Killing the American Dream

Obama – Failing America At The Cusp Of Greatness Under most presidents, during most periods in history, one true solace could be relied upon: that one individual, the President of The United States, could not single-handedly derail the economic destiny of the country; he could, …

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