tenant turnover

Get Ready to Pay When a Tenant Leaves

This year has served as a good reminder. 2019 has been one of high tenant turnover, and managing rental properties has been time-consuming. Almost every rental property we manage has had a transition from one tenant to the next, which reminded me of just how …

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How to Renovate a Beat-Up Rental Property

2017 has been a year of renovations for our rental properties. We’ve acquired two new units and renovated five. And we’ve had tenant turnover like never before. In all but one of our suites, our tenants have changed. But that kind of turnover creates the …

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Why Tenants Should Live Better than Landlords

Ask the kitchen staff of a fine restaurant who eats better, them or the patrons… same goes for car dealers; often the clients drive better cars than the sales staff. Hotels too – guests sleep in nicer suites than the workers live. At the end …

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