Get Ready to Pay When a Tenant Leaves

This year has served as a good reminder. 2019 has been one of high tenant turnover, and managing rental properties has been time-consuming. Almost every rental property we manage has had a transition from one tenant to the next, which reminded me of just how …

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Property Managers Take Landlords’ Money and Provide No Value

Thinking about hiring a property manager for your rental property? I have a comparable idea: Take 10% of your rental income and light it on fire… Unless you live in a different city than your rental property, or you’re just so busy you can’t take …

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How to Get Great Tenants in a Bad Rental Market

From the luxury condo rental market in Manhattan to townhouses in the oil town of Calgary, cities which not too long ago gave landlords a rental shortage with heavy demand from tenants are seeing the tide turn. Landlords are now having to compete for the …

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