Rising as An Entrepreneur Falling as a Dad

It was a blockbuster year – the first time I felt like I had made it as an entrepreneur. I felt successful, wealthy and believed (rightly so) great things, massive deals, are within reach. The bar had risen dramatically you could say. But it was …

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Can You Handle Authority?

Can you handle authority? Seriously‚Ķ can you? As an entrepreneur, you will be in a position of control, which gives you authority amongst your team. How you handle this authority will likely make or break your business. Authority, if handled without thought and care, can …

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Why Business Partnerships Fail

If you want to increase your chances of successfully building a startup into a money making machine, my advice is to surround yourself with awesome people – never go at it alone. Learn to delegate, seek counsel, and if you can, find an ambitious business …

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