Rising as An Entrepreneur Falling as a Dad

It was a blockbuster year – the first time I felt like I had made it as an entrepreneur. I felt successful, wealthy and believed (rightly so) great things, massive deals, are within reach. The bar had risen dramatically you could say. But it was …

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Being a Fatherpreneur is Pretty Awesome

I’ve been blessed. I’m a dad and an entrepreneur. That makes me a fatherpreneur.  While I certainly don’t have as much experience being a dad as I do an entrepreneur, I’m learning this dad thing as I go, and loving every minute of it. I’ve …

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What’s Your Entrepreneurial Mission?

[Tweet “Success is a byproduct of passion.”] When my son was born, everything changed for me; and that even included my perspective on business. I went from an entrepreneur to a fatherpreneur, meaning: I was more focused, from a business standpoint, on making a positive …

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