daily routines

How The World’s Top Entrepreneurs Spend Their Day

So-called successful people — for this blog entry it means entrepreneurs who have made hundreds of millions of dollars and maintained a balanced life — have daily habits which most regular folks do not. They spend their time more efficiently. That’s why they achieve more. …

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Daily Habits to Give You an Edge as an Entrepreneur

It’s all about the little things. How many times have you heard that? It’s true though, especially for entrepreneurs… Let me share the ‘little things’ in my life that have made all the difference in my entrepreneurial ventures and helped me become a millionaire.   …

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The Prison of Precedence

I’m on a family vacation in the Swiss Alps with just a couple days remaining before we head home. I’d rather be on the hill right now, but with the start of 2015 just a couple days away, I wanted to get this quick note …

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