Winston Churchill

Forgetfulness Can Be a Superpower

Ryan Holiday is a marketing guru, student of the stoics, rancher, and from all the podcasts, content, and books I’ve read of his, a pretty grounded family man. I just finished his latest book, Stillness Is The Key, this past week and wanted to highlight …

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6 Ways to Conquer Your Fear of Public Speaking

Preparing for your big speech or presentation is akin to prepping for the big game. It requires practice, situational awareness and studying your opponent (audience, in the case of public speaking). While there are courses which teach people how to improve their public speaking skills, I …

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Entrepreneurial Lessons From Winston Churchill

When you look at a Prime Minister, especially Winston Churchill, you wouldn’t necessarily consider him an entrepreneur. With that said, Churchill possessed entrepreneurial skills that could propel him to riches in today’s economy. The Dealmaker It is often noted that Churchill was awful with his …

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