starting your own business

Your Business Goes Where Your Eyes Go

I was in my early twenties and just bought a Lamborghini-orange Kawasaki Ninja 636. In my eyes, it was the coolest looking and sounding motorbike in the world. I always wanted a ‘crotch rocket,’ as they were dubbed back in the day. My dad and …

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Are You Ready for Entrepreneurship? Answer These Questions to Find Out

Many people ponder the question ‘should I start my own business?’ at some point or another. Most never do much more than that. However, if you’re one of the more serious people contemplating the road of entrepreneurship, there are some specific questions you should ask …

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The 5 Characteristics of a Serial Entrepreneur

Oftentimes, should-be entrepreneurs find themselves dissatisfied in life when they are in an ‘employee role’. Their career dissatisfaction slowly but surely creeps into their personal life too. Feeling lost and unmotivated in that role they begin to self-doubt. I know this because I’ve been in …

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