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The Fall of An Empire
The fall of the American Empire

During Britain’s reign as a global superpower and owner of the coveted world reserve currency, which ended nearly 100 years ago, Britoners proudly boasted, “the sun never sets on England…” This was about their optimism and confidence in themselves and the country’s robust economy. Fast-forward to the modern day, and just recently, a chief economist for England’s central bank stated that the people of Great Britain need to accept they’re poorer now…

This statement would never have been made during England’s reign as global superpower, but it points to a common theme throughout history: All empires fall.

The echoes of Britain’s past should haunt Americans and remind them that no empire is impervious to the ravages of time and over-spending. The glorious days of America’s ascendancy are now far, far back in the rearview, and it appears politicians on both sides of the aisle are struggling to come to terms with their dwindling status as a superpower.

Shining City On A Hill

Politicians in the United States have referred to America as the “shining city on a hill” since Reagan. And I agree, it once was…

However, in 2023, we are seeing the decline of the American Empire. I take no joy in writing this, as I believe America has contributed remarkable things and ideas to human advancement over the decades. Its once-legendary leadership is needed for the world to have peace. Regardless, the signs of a nation in decline are prevalent in the U.S.

Did you know that America hasn’t had a budget surplus since 2001…?!

For over twenty consecutive years, the world’s superpower has gone further and further into debt, enabled only by its status of controlling the world’s reserve currency.

No matter if Republican or Democrat president, the U.S. has borrowed more every year, for over twenty consecutive years, than it has generated in revenue… imagine you ran your household like that. What would that look like?

Eventually, the hammer would fall, and you’d be forced to sell off your assets to keep the creditors at bay.

I’ve yet to hear one economist, banker, politician or regular joe logically explain how America’s fiscal management over the last two decades is sustainable…

England, Rome, and France were all empires at various times. And they all lost their status as global superpowers due to a dwindling financial position and economic challenges… spending more than they made. America will be no different without a drastic and probably painful course correction.

America’s Finances Are a Disaster

Can the U.S. turn things around? Of course! They have the economy, innovation, educational institutions, and hard-working people to do it. But it will take a special type of leadership… one willing to sacrifice their own career for the nation’s sake. A president ready to say, “No, we can’t afford that…” Someone willing to come to terms with the country’s harsh reality: America is spending at a pace that will inevitably bankrupt the country.

The ominous warning bells have been ringing louder and louder, heralding the demise of an empire that once boasted unparalleled global power. Will America fall prey to the relentless march of time, consigned to the annals of history as another fallen empire? China certainly thinks so.

I invite you to join me in my latest podcast, where we explore the potential superpower rivals to America, the impact of inflation on the U.S. economy, and much more. America must face the harsh reality before it is too late.