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How to Sell Rubber Underwear

You’ve started a manufacturing company that produces the world’s most comfortable rubberized underwear. It took you two long and frustrating years funding and engineering this wonderful product. You’re near the finish line and about to unveil your wondrous creation to the people. In short order …

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NatureBox Helping Save America One Obese Person at a Time

Snacks and processed foods have become contentious issues in recent years. The ingredients of these convenient edibles are the culprit, at least in part, for nearly half of the adult American population being diagnosed as clinically obese. Many children, who are the target market for …

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Every Entrepreneur’s Journey Starts with a Business Plan

Before you think I am going to give you the usual five steps ‘to a great business plan’ rundown, let me just say, that’s not going to happen here. Cookie cutter business plans are for wannabe entrepreneurs and whenever one comes across my desk, it …

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