Republican Party

Marco Rubio Bashes Capitalism and Free Markets

Six years ago, Marco Rubio was my pick for the new face of the Republican Party. He was young, appeared sharp, and an apparent staunch supporter of the free markets. And being Latino, he brought important diversity to the Republican Party which has been wrongly …

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This Kid is What’s Right with America

Watching the news and so-called reality T.V. is depressing. It makes me lose some optimism about the future, and even causes me to worry about the socioeconomic environment my sons will grow up in. It’s not so much because of all the tragedy on the …

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Obama Blames White People For Sinking Approval Rating?

[dropcap style=”style1, style2, style3, or style4″]C[/dropcap]lassic Liberal Strategy: When things aren’t going your way, or when losing a debate, resort to the race card. After all, anyone who doesn’t support Obama has to be a racist redneck clinging to their guns and religion. [Tweet “…they …

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