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UFC Heavyweight Title Fight Teaches Entrepreneurs Valuable Lesson

Last night, I watched two incredibly large and talented UFC fighters square off for the Heavyweight Title. There’s something about the heavyweight division, in all combat sports, that draws the attention of any hardcore or fairweather fight fan. It’s likely the sheer force these giant …

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The NFL is Capitulating to Punk Players

Reputation is everything, in life and business. And today, with social media enabling anyone with a following to be an activist or spokesperson, that can be a dangerous thing for entrepreneurs with large or growing organizations. Take, for example, the NFL… Until this year, the …

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The Beginning of the End for Gas Cars

I live in beautiful Calgary, Alberta – ‘oil country,’ and home to the most entrepreneurs per capita in Canada. I was born and raised in Vancouver, a city which prides itself on its progressive culture and green initiatives. Point is, I have some perspective on …

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