Control Freaks Don’t Win

I must admit, I was hesitant to buy John Izzo’s book, The Five Thieves of Happiness. The last thing I wanted to read was another self-improvement book. Authors of such books rarely provide memorable philosophies or useable ideas – they’re almost always too idealistic or …

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Your Fortunes Fluctuate But Your Character Must be Consistent

Anyone can be friendly and jovial when everything is going well. But to truly live a life worthy of remembering, maintaining that level of generosity and happiness even in the tough times is required. So how do you do that? I certainly am not the …

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Happiness Comes from Learning to Appreciate The Value of Pain

Life kicked your ass. You just lost a fortune in the stock market, your sweetheart left, and you were recently diagnosed with prostate cancer… Depressing, right? This happened to a friend/mentor of mine years ago. What was once the centre of his universe – his …

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