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From Poor and Hungry to a Legendary Philanthropist and Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship comes with tremendous challenge and massive pay off for those who succeed in overcoming hurdles. At the end of the day success or failure comes down to your degree of perseverance. For the greatest of entrepreneurs, those who manage to change the world with …

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Reflektion Creates Technology That Predicts What You Will Buy Next

Imagine a world with 9 billion people forming the largest marketplace ever seen. Imagine the Internet of Things being able to identify and locate every product on this planet, in real time – forming the largest inventory of goods. Imagine the potential. However, with that …

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Raising Millions for a New Kind of Mayonnaise

I’m no Rocky Balboa. I find raw eggs repulsive and studies have shown that they are not meant to be consumed by humans. Unfortunately, there are a number of processed food products that taste brilliant, but they contain unsavory things such as raw eggs. Take …

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