Elon Musk’s Recipe for Entrepreneurial Success

Iron Man? No, More Like Innovation Man The stories that have risen around him have grown to almost epic proportions, especially over the past few years as his triumphs and big ideas have continued to fill the popular press.  The names of his projects and …

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The Greatest Entrepreneur You’ve Never Heard Of

One of North America’s greatest entrepreneurs in the last 50 years recently passed away at the age of 85, after living a truly remarkable life. I was blessed to have gotten to know the man over the last several years, and his influence will stay …

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Lyft’s Business Model: Exploiting an Existing Competitor’s Weakness

Putting Out Your Digital Thumb; Lyft Aims to Bring New Meaning to ‘Catching A Ride’ A few weeks ago, we profiled new cab provider UberCab, which is quickly gaining a dedicated following in cities around America and Europe with its alternative, intuitive cab services.  With …

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