Edward Snowden

Mark Cuban’s New Startup Keeps Your Texts Private

Human beings are naturally impulsive. And given the way we communicate nowadays this has led to thousands of embarrassing moments because of a lack of context. At the drop of a dime, we sometimes say things we don’t truly mean; and sometimes our words leave …

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60 Minutes Props Up NSA Image in Softball Interview

60 Minutes recently aired a segment on the National Surveillance Agency, marketing it as an in depth interview with key directors and generals directly involved with the agency. What could have been an excellent chance to probe into the controversial claims of “whistleblower” Edward Snowden that the NSA has …

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Romney Was Right

Mitt Romney is looking back on the 2012 Presidential Race and saying ‘I told you so’. All the Democratic naysayers who laughed at him for stating that Russia was America’s greatest geopolitical foe, and that Detroit should have been allowed to go bankrupt in a …

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