Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders Taught Naive Millennials a Valuable Lesson About Politicians Today

The hypocrisy of politicians never ceases to amaze me… they’re as fickle as my second grade crush who would waver between me and another boy depending on the direction of the wind that day. Politicians shift their stance and values based on what favors them …

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Millennials Matter: Social Entrepreneurs Will Determine the Next President

This article was contributed by Chris Miller. Chris is the founder and CEO of the internationally renowned social entrepreneurship incubator and accelerator The Mission Center L3C. He is the co-founder of the Washington University Startup Training Lab and a senior lecturer of Entrepreneurship at the University …

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“Will Hillary Clinton get prosecuted” Top Google Query During Dem Debate

Hillary Clinton has a branding problem, to say the least. Aside from coming off as cold, out of touch, and just a flat out unexciting candidate who is peddling old ideas as new ones, she is now viewed by the masses as a possible target …

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