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Own The Suit
Guy Ritchie 'Owning the Suit'

‘Own the suit,’ is the prevailing theme of Joe Rogan’s fascinating interview with filmmaker and entrepreneur Guy Ritchie. After observing Rogan’s outfit, which is very casual, Ritchie quips,

“There are so many aspects of life – food for a long time got robbed from us – and we’ve slowly managed to claw that back. But clothes… Really? You’re a 45-year old geezer, and you’re still dressing like an 18-year-old?”

The point he was articulating is that there are aspects of the material world which can be owned and enjoyed, and not controlled by outside forces (marketing and pre-conceived stigmas). Ritchie explains how we should play the game (the material world), but own the parts of it we like. Enjoy it and don’t be controlled by it. Be a boss.


You’re Constantly Being Sold a Bill of Goods

There is a world out there that’s trying to tell you who you are, what you need, and that you alone aren’t enough; that’s incorrect, yet so many people believe it. As Ritchie explains, to be sold on a material thing, you were convinced that you lack something. That is sales.

Ritchie believes, astutely, there is an ongoing battle between being told who you are by the material world, and determining who you really are. Whatever you believe is accurate. So he ties it all into why he loves getting dressed every day, especially when wearing a suit (which he often does). Ritchie explains how he alone determines what he wears, down to the details. That simple daily decision, done with purpose and pride, makes him his king.


The Metaphorical Suit

Although suits have been taken out of everyday wear for men due to the preconceived stigma of putting one on and going to a job one doesn’t particularly enjoy, Ritchie’s point is not to let that be your thinking. Don’t let the era of dress codes ruin the experience and empowerment dressing in a nice suit brings. Furthermore, don’t let others determine how you will live and enjoy life. 

Ritchie explains that a suit is a desirable part of the material world because it can be tweaked to one’s desires while also demonstrating individual choice… you’re not wearing it because it’s the dress code of a corporation, it’s YOUR dress code. You’re dawning a blazer because YOU like how it makes YOU feel.

Ritchie also documents the significance of a pocket square. I think you’ll enjoy this part. Rogan was fascinated by the explanation, as was I. 

The suit is Guy Ritchie’s body armour, so he is very intentional with all its details. He owns the suit, in his words. It demonstrates to the outside world that he is a man of purpose and powerful ideas. He finds it empowering, which helps him build momentum and win throughout the day. 

Like all great storytellers, ‘the suit’ has both literal and metaphorical meaning to Ritchie’s narrative. Enjoy another great interview from Joe Rogan with a fascinating and articulate entrepreneur. 

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